Monday, November 16, 2009

In Memory of Suzanne Fiol - St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn 091115

Suzanne's memorial at St. Ann's was a truly extraordinary event. Despite being 3 1/2 hours long, there wasn't a single moment that felt unessential. Below is a short video I shot with my Flip UltraHD during sound check, several images taken with my iPhone, and  scans of the program. I and 9 other trombonists started things off with Fredric Rzewski's 1969 piece Last Judgment (for solo trombone or several echoing trombones not quite in unison). There's a separate post with the players listed and an mp3 of the actual performance.


Musicians during sound check
(l to r: Zach Layton (gtr), Audrey Chen (vcl), Marc Ribot (gtr), Henry Grimes (violin), Aki Onda (tapes), Mary Halverson (gtr)

Anthony Coleman pre-show

7x7 Trombone Band playing Rzewski
Sarah Fiol (middle) receiving the "Suzanne Fiol Day in Brooklyn, USA" proclamation from a representative of Borough President Markowitz's office



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